Choosing the promotional items that stand the test of time

Investing in branding promotional items can be a minefield. From cups and pens to fidget spinners and yoyos, it can be tricky to know what to choose.

With fads like fidget spinners being banned from classrooms and criticised for safety issues, that investment needs to be in something that will stand the test of time and not be thrown on the scrapheap after a few months.

If you’re looking for what type of promotional items to go for, these are the ones that we know will stand the test of time and do their intended purpose of keeping your brand front of mind at all times.

  1. Pens

Who needs a fidget spinner when you’ve got a pen to click? Pens are something that are used every day by most people, so having a branded version can help to keep your business front of mind at all times. Furthermore, they’re small, easily fitting in a bag or on a desk.

  1. Mugs

Let’s face it, most of us depend on some sort of caffeine to get us through the day, and in order to drink a hot brew, we need a cup. That’s why a promotional mug can be a great investment that advertises your business every day in a useful way.

  1. USB sticks

Gone are the days of floppy discs and CDs, USBs are now used by virtually every individual and organisation. At The MPC, we don’t just make bog standard ones either – we create each one to a bespoke specification and can do things like mould them to a specific shape.

Bespoke USBs







  1. Bags

With more and more people looking for ways to protect the environment, the traditional plastic carrier bag is fast going out of fashion. In addition, the 5p carrier bag charge has encouraged more people to take their own bag when they go shopping. Creating a branded bag can provide another useful product that is likely to get used on a day to day basis, spreading the word about your business wherever it goes.

  1. A Rubik’s Cube

If you’re in search of a promotional item with a bit more fun, look no further than a traditional Rubik’s Cube. These have been around since 1974 and still don’t show any signs of going out of fashion, making them a wise investment while adding some fun and interactivity to your brand.

Are you ready to create some promotional items that offer great brand recognition and stand the test of time? Call us today and we’ll get started.


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