How your Charity Can Benefit from Promotional Products

Charities rely on donations to fund their work, yet this income is not always easy to come by. Times are becoming increasingly tough for smaller charities who struggle to get their name and good cause recognised ahead of the major players in the third sector.

The solution may lie in the tangible marketing materials such as those we create here at TheMPC.

Promotional products provide an effective way to encourage donations and grow awareness of smaller charities. The big charities have been practicing this as an effective part of their marketing strategy for years – think about the times you have received a branded pen in the post or been handed a badge after making a donation to a charity collector in the street? These practices have been and still remain a cost-effective way to get your voice heard.

Promotional Products For Charities

According to data from the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) the top 5 promotional products used by charities are:

  • Pens
  • Stickers
  • Wristbands
  • Enamel badges
  • Printed T Shirts

All of these are inexpensive items and can be used on a small budget to reap the rewards of recognition, brand awareness and engagement – just as they would for any other business.

Tips on Using Promotional Products for your Charity

Here are some ideas on how your charity can use promotional products:

  • Send out promotional items with mailing campaigns – this works well if you use pens or stickers as they can easily be placed in the envelope with your literature and won’t really add much to your postage bill. Whilst the literature will get discarded, items such as pens will stay around in the household for many months or even years to come, acting as a great reminder about your charity and the good work you stand for.
  • Give away promotional items to anyone who donates to you whilst you’re out collecting. This can work well for street collections and items that are a popular giveaway in these circumstances include badges and stickers.
  • Sell promotional items and donate the majority of the proceeds to your cause – this is a popular approach for charities looking to give away larger, more expensive promotional products such as clothing or bags as it enables them to cover their costs whilst at the same time still raising funds and increasing awareness.

Many small charities are forced to close due to lack of funding, whilst others have to reduce hours and services simply to keep going. If promotional items can be implemented cost effectively then this may be a tactic worth exploring to help your organisation survive and thrive. Speak to our experts today for help with your promotional merchandise campaigns.

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