Easter Merchandise

Set yourself apart from the competition and get your company branded Easter Merchandise. Why is the Easter period not used as much as other holidays for promotional opportunities? Easter Merchandise will sweeten up your staff, or can be used for businesses looking to gain brand exposure and enhance customer satisfaction.  Use it for direct mail, hand...
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Environmentally friendly promotional products

Do you think you can go plastic free for one month?

Plastic free July is a global movement that benefits us all, if we all made a small change just think of the impact it could have. Starting with your water intake, take your water to work in a re-useable bottle, there are plenty of vacuum cooper...
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The clue is in the name

Why we have ‘production’ in our name?  - because it’s what we do! We have various capabilities in house to enhance your promotional merchandise and our clients really love the results. Service excellence is paramount to us here at THEMPC and keeping our customers happy and informed of our new developments and product propositions is...
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The Benefits of a Branded Company Uniform

Brand identity is built upon all of the physical elements of your business, used to represent your brand. Stationery, signage and most importantly a branded company uniform are just a few examples of creating brand identity. Your company uniform is the face of your brand, as it’s the first thing customers and clients see when searching...
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Getting The Best Value From Your Promotional Items

You’ll often hear that a great marketing campaign can help spread the word about your brand or business, but what’s often forgotten about is the powerful impact promotional items can have. They don’t just increase brand awareness, they also capture the imagination of your potential customer in a new and exciting way. Oh, and who...
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Choosing the promotional items that stand the test of time

Investing in branding promotional items can be a minefield. From cups and pens to fidget spinners and yoyos, it can be tricky to know what to choose. With fads like fidget spinners being banned from classrooms and criticised for safety issues, that investment needs to be in something that will stand the test of time and...
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How Promotional Gifts Help Build Better Business Relationship

Life is all about maintaining successful relationships - with family, loved ones, friends and of course, in the world of business. Having good business relationships makes work a better place to be, a happier place to be, and a more profitable place to be. Relationships are built on trust, shared understanding and commitment - all...
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How your Charity Can Benefit from Promotional Products

Charities rely on donations to fund their work, yet this income is not always easy to come by. Times are becoming increasingly tough for smaller charities who struggle to get their name and good cause recognised ahead of the major players in the third sector. The solution may lie in the tangible marketing materials such as...
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Maximise Your Brand’s Success at Your Next Event

You may have a brilliant strategy in place to push your brand and make it look stunning. But so many companies are missing a trick when it comes to pushing their brand at an event. Let us talk you through how you can maximise your brand success at your next event.

Why advertise at events?

Promoting your...
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Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2017

As competition grows, technology advances and advertising prices increase, it can be difficult for small businesses to get their brand noticed.   If you are launching a new venture in 2017, want to reinvent your brand or just increase awareness, here are a few creative ways to promote your brand:
  • Target people in your local community...
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