The best promotional items for festivals and events

At festivals and events, there are often hundreds of brands vying for the attention of attendees. Therefore, finding a promotional giveaway that makes your brand stand out from the crowd is a tricky task that takes some serious consideration.

Here at The MPC, we’ve seen thousands of different approaches – from jute bags and pens to technology and vouchers. Here, we take a closer look at what we think are the best types of festival and event promotional gifts to get your brand noticed.

Festival survival kits

Packing for a festival can be trickier than packing for a holiday, primarily because you can’t predict the weather and don’t know what you’ll have access to. Offering festival goers a festival survival kit with numerous useful items in is a great pathway to brand exposure. Some of the branded things we think work well include:

  • Waterproof ponchos
  • Keyring torches
  • Glow sticks
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste sets
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Eye masks
  • Sunglasses

Finally, why not pop all of your items into a branded bag?


While festivals are usually all systems go, there are natural lulls in activity. Creating branded games such as Frisbees, beach balls and beach bats can delight festival goers by giving them something to do in those quieter moments. Furthermore, they tend to get shared around between parties, which means you’re likely to get noticed by even more people.

Water bottles

Although there might be a fair amount of alcoholic drinks on the go, it’s a given that most festival-goers will also need to refresh their systems with a good old drink of water. It’s also a safe bet that many attendees forgot to add water to their pre-festival shopping list, so offering branded water bottles gives them a useful gift that they can continually fill up and carry around with them.

Tote bag

Festival goers are given so many promotional items that they often run out of storage space. Providing them with a high-quality branded tote bag gives them somewhere to stash all their goodies and gives them a bag to use after the event. Many people now keep tote bags ready to use instead of plastic bags, meaning you’ll make a positive contribution to the environment too.

If you want people to take notice of and remember your brand, we can help. Why not call our expert team on: 01256 352 415? We have a whole catalogue of promotional items and can create bespoke orders too.

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