The 10 Promotional Product Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make

As we know versatile promotional products are a convenient and extremely effective way of getting your business seen by the right audience. As well as helping you stand out from the competition, the right merchandise gives businesses a long-term strategy to promoting brand advocacy and boosting sales.

However, it’s not just about the products you choose. Promotional success equally leans on how you choose to implement your branded pens, clothing or gadgets into your marketing and sales efforts. Preparation is key, and to ensure you don’t suffer the costly and time consuming stress of a badly planned promotional giveaway, here are some of the mistakes to avoid:

  1. Ordering promotional merchandise without a plan in place

You may have spotted the ideal product for your event or customers, but ordering them in bulk on impulse without a proper strategy in place won’t let you leverage their full value. In fact you could end up wasting a lot of your time and money without ROI.

Be sure to plan well in advance of your promotion, setting out clear goals and how you’ll achieve them with your promotional products.

  1. Not creating an implementation strategy

Again think about your goals – do you want more exposure for your brand, a better way to interact with customers or new and repeat sales? Doing so will help you choose the type of products that will best suit your end aims, whether a stand-out product that will wow passers-by or a handy tool that can develop long-term connections with people.

  1. Choosing a product because you like it

Of course, liking your promotional product is a good thing, but you must keep your audience’s interests at the forefront of your strategy and make sure your product will appeal to their lifestyles and tastes.

  1. Choosing a product that will be thrown away

Though it may help you stand out, picking a gimmick item that has no valuable use will likely be thrown away soon after it’s handed out. Keep your promotional products relevant, useful, and also of a good quality.

Better quality items may be initially more expensive to buy but they’ll definitely help to give a better impression of your brand. Plus, they may additionally be used more frequently for longer-term brand awareness than cheap and flimsier versions.

  1. Going for an off-putting design

You have a great product, but your choice of colours, print and design could let your promotion down. Try to avoid using a mix of colours that will make text unclear or a garish design that will turn people away. If you’re unsure, seek feedback or why not ask our experienced design team for advice on what would work best for your project?

  1. Cramming in too much information

Keep your promotional product simple and avoid putting on too much information. Too much text will be difficult to digest and will stifle the receiver’s important first impression. Just include the basics: your company name, your phone number and/or your website.

  1. Not double-checking your order

It’s a must to proofread all your copy and double-check that you’re happy with all elements of the product and its design. Let other people check the order as well so that you’re not caught out once you’ve approved it.

  1. Leaving things to the last minute

Though services can give you a fast processing and delivery time, if there’s been a mistake or there’s something wrong with the order, you’ll want ample time to correct this and make sure your products are ready for action. These last minute services will also charge more so prepare ahead to reduce overall campaign costs.

  1. Giving away your promotional items to anyone and everyone

People may be snapping up your items at an event, but this doesn’t mean that they’re interested in your business. You can attract and draw in more targeted customers, and drive repeat sales by being selective with your giveaway or giving away special items to the more promising leads. It’s simple to plan for this ahead of your event by reaching out to your target and existing customers and informing them of your promotion.

Don’t forget about your most valued customers too – tiered giveaways are a great way to show your top customer base your appreciation for them, which could help to improve brand advocacy and entice them to continually buy from you.

  1. Not following up

Giving out promotional items at an event or for a competition provides a brilliant opportunity to obtain customer information. Be sure to collect the name and contact details of the people you’re giving out items to, and send follow up communications to make maximum use of these leads. Following up effectively will not only help you build new relationships and strengthen your brand value, but it can also help you retain existing customers.

If you’re looking to implement a successful promotional products strategy to attract the right people to your business, we’d be happy to help. Call us today on 01256 352415 for more information.

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