Top Promotional Product Gifts: Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Promotional product gifts continue to be key for businesses looking to enhance and increase brand image, reach and awareness, as well as for building relationships with existing advocates and driving sales. This year we have seen promotional products take on a retail look and feel, with unique custom packaging comparing products to the likes of major retail brands. Health and wellness items have also dominated in relation to our growing interests, where aspects of design have also shifted, introducing more pattern accents and unusual shaping into promotional gifts.

We take a look at what promotional items are set to become popular for the year ahead, and how changes in technology and consumer culture will determine product trends for both B2C and B2B marketing strategies:

Power banks
Portable power banks enable you to charge your mobile device or tablet on the go. They can easily be customised and branded, and are a more practical choice to store and distribute. Power banks are becoming more popular as freebies at events, and would be an ideal promotional item to keep professionals connected whilst out of the office and energise your marketing campaign.

Larger phone cases
Technology is ever more important in increasing aspects of our lives, and for many mobile devices are something that can’t be lived without. Since the release of ‘plus-sized’ phones such as the iPhone6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, new larger devices are becoming the mainstream. Although standard sized mobile phone cases are still all the rage, including larger covers in your marketing efforts will allow you to tap into this widening market and stand out from competitors.

Microphone headphones
We are constantly looking for ways to make daily activities quicker and easier, and microphone headphones are a good example of this. Headphones with a built-in microphone allow users to speak directly into their mobiles, which makes for simple hands-free talking. The popularity of this product has continued to grow and would make a useful promotional device for those into technology – let them spread the word!

Corporate desk sets
We are now seeing a rise in communal working spaces and shared desks, as office design looks at how the layout, aesthetics and function of a space can increase productivity. This means that desktop items, like a promotional calendar, pen or notepad, will be seen by more people at a given time, and need to make an impact. Cohesive and interesting corporate desk sets that appeal to the many, will be a top choice for 2016 through their capability of reaching a larger audience.

The travelling professional
An emphasis on global interactions and an improved accessibility to connect, means that high level professionals are increasingly out of the office, spending much of their time travelling for meetings or exciting opportunities. Professional travel is expected only to continue in 2016, so for the savvy marketer, travel related products such as branded travel bags or flasks, will help support the end users’ endeavours as well as promoting your business.

Focus on football
The anticipated European Championships is due to make its return in summer 2016, and as we know, football fans all over the country will be raring to be involved in the events. Planning ahead with promotional footballs or clothing for instance, will ensure you get a piece of the action whilst effectively marketing your brand.

THEMPC Ltd is experienced in helping businesses turn their creative ideas into physical marketing assets to successfully promote their brand. As a leading supplier of promotional gifts and corporate clothing, we will help develop your promotional gift concepts into a stand-out product and provide expert guidance on delivering a fully integrated campaign. If you have a project in mind or would like to arrange a review of your current promotional portfolio please call us on 01256 352415 and ask to speak to one of our sales team or email

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