THEMPC Limited has vast experience in print, from traditional processes such as typesetting, lithography, screen-printing and letterpress through to large format, web and digital printing.

If you have a precise specification for us to work from to provide an estimate then we are happy to provide costings on that basis.  Although if you have no preconceptions  of the method of printing, or what machine you think it should be produced on please share with us exactly what you are looking to develop and we will use our expertise to help present you with options on what we feel will give you the best results.

Many of our recommendations will be provided with our background of technical print management in mind.  For example we understand the limitations of particular machines and branding processes, which may discount some of the options available to you.

We are passionate about printing and finding the best solution to meet your budget and lead-time.

Our in-house creative team can also design your printed materials so they can be efficiently planned and produced in order to give you the most economical method of automated production and ultimately reducing your costs.

In order to maintain a consistent look and feel across your printed materials you may need to tweak your print in order to allow for colour changes by printing on different substrates or adding different finishes such as film laminations.

An example of this is that adding a Matt Film Laminations dulls colours slightly and Gloss Film Laminations lift colours slightly.  Please note this doesn’t affect all colours and also some are affected more than others.

How good is your print?

If you have a range of printed materials a good test is to take a sample of each and see just how different the colours are.

From a single proof to a run of millions and everything in-between we can provide you with a competitive print solution.

If you have a project in mind or would like to arrange a review of your creative requirements please call us on 01256 352415 and ask to speak to one of our design team or email

We look forward to working with you.