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Choosing seasonal branded merchandise for summer and winter

Promotional items are a popular choice no matter what the time of year, but it’s important to consider how seasonal branded merchandise can be used to raise awareness in the summer or winter months. Here we look at five types of merchandising products that can be used to suit the weather!

Desktop items

Whatever the weather outside...
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How to win with new promotional packaging

Whatever goods or services your business provides, promotional packaging can play a key role in advertising, promoting and selling your products. Here we list just a few ways that new promotional packaging can drive interest in your offering and help to increase sales.

Attract sales

This really is the name of the game! The visual presentation of...
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Promotional marketing products: Are you getting a good deal?

Promotional materials can play an important role in successful marketing campaigns, so it’s important to choose a production partner that can deliver exactly what your company needs. Here we look at some of the important factors to consider when ordering promotional goods, and how these elements can affect your marketing efforts.


Whether it’s a pamphlet, a pencil...
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Put everything under one roof with TheMPC

When looking to promote your business through events and campaigns, there can be a lot to manage. As well as deciding on the terms of your campaign, you also need to decide on design, promotion, storage, delivery and who’s going to do it all for you. However, instead of hiring one company to produce your promotional...
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The best promotional items for festivals and events

At festivals and events, there are often hundreds of brands vying for the attention of attendees. Therefore, finding a promotional giveaway that makes your brand stand out from the crowd is a tricky task that takes some serious consideration. Here at The MPC, we’ve seen thousands of different approaches – from jute bags and pens...
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Trade Show Giveaways: quality or quantity?

When it comes to trade show giveaways, it can be difficult to decide whether to go with quality or quantity. Should you spend less per item and maximise reach, or spend more per item and give to less people in the hope that it presents your brand in a better light? At The MPC, we think...
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Promotional merchandising trends for 2018

The past year has been an interesting one for the promotional merchandising industry, where a blend of inventive and traditional methods have modelled our approach to design and manufacture. So, with 2018 on the horizon, we look at some of the product trends we expect to gain prominence over the coming twelve months.

Time to take...

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The importance of packaging for your promotional products

Sending out promotional products can be a fantastic way of raising brand awareness and increasing product sales, but how you package the item can have a significant impact on whether you achieve your goals. After all, if it doesn’t speak to your target audience or stand out against competitors, you can’t expect to make much...
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Getting your point of sale display right this Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon the time to get your in store advertising ready for the festive season is certainly here. Point of sale merchandising can include everything from signs, posters and banners to free-standing display units, counter display units and leaflet dispensers, so there is plenty of opportunity to catch the attention of visiting customers! Here...
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